3 Cabinet Upgrade Options To Help Reduce Noise

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If you chose to remodel your kitchen with new cabinets, then you not only want the cabinets to look good, but you want to reduce excess noise in the kitchen as well. The hardware that comes with kitchen cabinets can really help reduce excess noise and make your kitchen much quieter on a daily basis. 

Some cabinets may not come with the hardware solutions built-in, so you can make requests early on with a cabinet supplier and avoid any major hardware upgrades in the future. Check out some of the cabinet upgrade options to consider for your kitchen.

1. Soft-Close Cabinets

You can probably picture the sound of a cabinet door slamming shut. Avoid the noise each time you shut a cabinet with the installation of soft-close cabinets. Springs and dampers will prevent the cabinet door from hitting the frame and making a clang sound. Not only will you reduce the noise in the kitchen, but you can protect the cabinet from contact damage.

When you go to shut the cabinet, the process will automatically begin each time. The reduction of a slam will also reduce any rattling or movement or items within the cabinet itself.

2. Self-Close Drawer Slides

Cabinet drawers may close even harder than cabinet doors, especially if they move on slick rollers. Request self-close drawer slides for the cabinet drawers you have installed. With a slight push, the drawers will steadily go back into place and shut gently. The rollers include bumpers to prevent loud noises and ensure the drawers remain shut and not wide open.

The self-close process may start automatically when you let go of a drawer, so you do not need to complete a manual action each time you go to shut the drawer.

3. Built-In Bumper Pads

For smaller drawers, you can ask for the installation of built-in bumper pads. The cushioned pads typically go on each corner of a cabinet drawer or door. The bumpers will dramatically reduce the noise and prevent any wood on wood contact. The bumper pads offer an easy solution for smaller cabinets and drawers where a damper or self-closing hardware cannot fit. 

A cabinet supplier can provide you with bumper pads for specific cabinets that need them. The bumpers come in multiple color options along with a clear option to blend right into the cabinet.

With any of these requests, you can eliminate unnecessary noise on your cabinets and enjoy a quiet kitchen with upgraded cabinet designs.

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