4 Projects To Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

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An interior bathroom will not have the typical windows in most rooms throughout your home. So, you might notice that the lack of natural lighting can cause this room to feel a little less open and inviting than others. While an interior space makes it trickier to create an open feeling, you can accomplish this goal by hiring remodelers and working on specific projects. 


A valuable project worth taking on is skylight installation. Adding skylights to the bathroom will give you natural lighting, which you cannot get through typical means. An exciting part about skylights is that they give you overhead lighting with the strongest sunlight around noon. However, as long as the sun is out, you can expect some light from the bathroom skylights.

When you install standard windows, you may worry about giving up privacy. Fortunately, you will not have to worry about this happening with skylights because of their overhead location.


While skylights will help with lighting throughout the day, you still want a robust artificial lighting setup to ensure proper illumination at all times. A ceiling light fixture or overhead vanity lights are common lighting setups. However, you can take it further by installing recessed lights throughout the whole bathroom, especially in the bathtub and walk-in shower area.

Another possibility is installing LED light strips around the vanity mirror. This option will provide optimal lighting for looking in the mirror and seeing finer details. All this new lighting will naturally make your interior bathroom look and feel more inviting than it has in the past.


A shower curtain or frosted glass shower door may provide ample privacy. But the issue is that these features can make the room feel less open because they block visibility. A smart solution is to switch to a clear glass shower door to open up the bathroom instantly. The small sacrifice in privacy will make the room a more inviting place to enter and spend time in.


Working on the walls is an effective way to improve an interior bathroom. For instance, you can paint the walls lighter and brighter colors to make the room appear larger and more inviting. Another strategy is to replace the vanity mirror with a larger one. This change is beneficial because the mirror reflects more light and makes the room appear larger.

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