Want A New Bathroom Vanity Installed? 3 Other Changes You'Ll Make

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A new bathroom vanity can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. Not only can it dramatically change the look of your bathroom, but it can add a great deal of storage to the space. This can make keeping your bathroom neat and organized easier than a pedestal sink or small medicine cabinet. 

If you're interested in having a bathroom vanity installed, but feel hesitant due to other renovation changes you'll need to make, the following steps can help you with the process.

Swapping Out Lights

With the replacement of your sink, the height of the lighting above the mirror may no longer make sense. Bulb lights can look bare and unappealing once a vanity sink is installed. Instead of leaving the same lighting in, look into more dramatic styles. Considering the height of your mirror and the new vanity can help you correctly position new lighting fixtures. 

Since electrical work may involve moving the lights or installing multiple lights instead of a single bulb, you'll want your remodeling contractor to assist with the wiring and other steps involved. 

Changing the Flooring

The flooring in your bathroom could become damaged when you have a new sink vanity installed since the tile or laminate around the sink will be torn up. Since the dimensions of the sink will be different than before, you may need to rip out a lot of flooring and have the area sealed. 

An easy way to make this change without the detailed work just around the sink is to have the flooring for the entire bathroom replaced. While this expense can be higher than you expected, it can be easier to install a new sink vanity without complications. 

Updating Hardware

When you're having a new sink vanity installed, there's a chance the hardware on it won't match the existing fixtures and hardware in your bathroom. Stainless steel, bronze, and brass are popular for bathroom hardware use. If you notice a difference between hardware, updating them to match can significantly affect how upscale your bathrooms will look. 

Remodeling your bathroom with the introduction of a new sink vanity is a great way to update your space and make it more functional. If you're hesitant to begin the project due to concerns about the other changes a new vanity will come with, consider the above features and what to expect once you choose a new sink vanity to be installed. 

Reach out to a bathroom remodeling contractor to learn more.

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