Remodel Your Family Bathroom To Increase Functionality

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When you look at all your bathrooms, you may know that the family bathroom is most important because it affects everyone in your household. So, improving the bathroom attached to the main bedroom will likely only benefit you and your spouse. While you may want to do this eventually, you might be most interested in increasing functionality in your family bath.

A strategic approach to remodeling the bathroom will help you accomplish this goal.

Double Vanity 

Adding a double vanity is one of the most valuable changes to the bathroom. Although a single vanity may provide plenty of functionality for one person, you might have multiple family members wanting to use the bathroom simultaneously. A double vanity helps to solve this problem by giving each person their own sink, space, mirror, and vanity top.

After adding this feature, you can assign each family member to one of the sinks. This way, each person can use the sink exclusively and store their own products nearby. Another advantage of this method is that it helps everyone know when their designated vanity is being occupied. You assign your spouse and a child to one vanity, and then you and another kid can take the other.

Toilet Room

The whole family bathroom may be occupied when someone is using the toilet. However, this does not have to be the case when you add a toilet room. This addition requires that you separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom by creating a small room for this feature.

A solid core door is worth adding to maximize privacy and sound dampening for the toilet room. You can also add a ventilation fan to provide some background noise and make it a more pleasant experience for everyone using the bathroom.


Storage is a common problem for families to experience, especially in shared spaces. Most of your family may store bathroom-related items in this specific bathroom. However, these items may start being kept in bedrooms and closets when it reaches total capacity. An easy solution is to incorporate more storage in the bathroom through several methods.

A dedicated bathroom closet is a practical addition. Another option is to replace the mirror with one that has built-in cabinets. This change will help you gain storage where you normally only have a mirror, which can be especially beneficial in a small bathroom.

Improve your family bathroom's functionality with some or all of these projects.

To learn more, contact bath remodeling services. 

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