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Home Remodeling Tips When I purchased my second home after outgrowing my starter home, I was absolutely in love with it. However, after moving in, I quickly realized how much I missed having a master bathroom. I didn't think I would miss it, since the nearest bathroom is right down the hall, but since I frequently have guests over for long weekends, I realized that we were "fighting" for much-needed bathroom space. I then looked into my remodeling options and a contractor told me that adding a master bath would be a very easy task to complete. The remodeling process didn't take long, and my home is now perfect. I am very eager to share what I learned about home remodeling with others who need the tips on my new blog!



Upgrading the bathroom with a major remodeling project is one of the more popular options for enhancing a home's appearance, functionality, and even its value. Depending on the scale of the remodeling work that you are wanting to have done to the bathroom, there are some strategies that can help you with achieving the best results.

Keep The Bathroom Design As Open As Possible

A bathroom that has a cramped design can be unpleasant and difficult to use. For example, this space being cramped can cause a person to have difficulties with drying off, getting dressed, or performing other routine tasks without bumping into items or tripping. While creating an open floor plan for the bathroom can require you to forgo some of the design options that you may have wanted, such as additional cabinets, it can be a worthwhile sacrifice for improving your ability to utilize this area in the home.

Install A New Enclosure For The Shower

Installing a shower enclosure can be an upgrade that will improve the appearance of your bathroom while also reducing the tendency of water to splash out of the shower and onto the surrounding floors. When installing a shower enclosure, it may be possible to retrofit the current shower and tub with one of these enclosures. However, this will provide you with more limited options in terms of the design of the enclosure than if you had simply had an entirely new shower installed. Visiting a bathroom showroom can help you with getting a better understanding of the way that potential shower enclosure designs will look once they are installed in your home.

Revitalize The Flooring

The flooring in your bathroom is one of the areas of the home that can experience some of the more extreme wear. This can be due to the combination of traffic that the bathroom receives and the amount of water that may get on it. As part of the remodeling project, you may find that it is necessary to revitalize the floors to achieve the look that you are wanting. The options for revitalizing the floors will vary depending on the type of flooring that is installed. In some cases, it may be possible to restore the floors by refinishing, replacing worn grout, or even applying an epoxy coating. In extreme cases, entirely new flooring may need to be installed to restore the appearance and condition of the flooring. An experienced bathroom remodeling contractor can evaluate your flooring to determine the best option for revitalizing it.

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