Tips For Choosing Cabinets For Your Small Kitchen

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Your kitchen may have always been small and instead of knocking out a wall or taking on another expensive renovation project, you have decided to make the most of every square inch. This includes upgrading your kitchen cabinets that will work with your lack of square footage. Here are a few tips to help you choose the ideal cabinets for your small kitchen.  

Choose Lighter Colors

Instead of opting for darker woods and black or dark grey cabinets, choose lighter, brighter colors, instead. Light wood colors, including pale tones in hickory, birch, maple, and cherry are all great, timeless options. White, light grey, light blue, or even blush or eggshell cabinets are all timeless options that can work with any type of kitchen.

Glossy cabinets are also another great idea because the gloss will help reflect the light, which will make your kitchen look much larger than it actually is. Pair these lighter woods or colors with pale colored flooring, countertops, and paint colors to make the space seem as bright as possible.

Take Advantage of Your Tall Ceilings

Instead of focusing on how much floor space your cabinets will use up, look upwards to your ceiling for inspiration. Stack cabinets all the way to the ceiling, which will not only keep your floors from being cluttered with cabinets but will also draw the eye upwards. This will make your ceilings seem taller and will trick the eye into thinking the kitchen is larger than it really is.

If you are shorter, don't worry about the tall cabinets and consider purchasing a small stool or you can even purchase a decorative ladder that is made to be used in the kitchen to reach higher cabinets.

Consider Glass Cabinet Doors

If you want the look of darker wood but do not want your kitchen to look like a dark cave, consider glass front kitchen cabinets. These cabinets give the illusion of extra space and allow you to enjoy the darker woods that many homeowners prefer. If you want to take this look a step further and really maximize the space on your cabinets, consider skipping the doors all together.

Glass doors or taking off the doors will make your kitchen seem bigger and will allow you to showcase your beautiful dinnerware or wine glass collection as well.

From opting for lighter colors to taking advantage of the tall ceilings in your kitchen, these are some simple ways that you can upgrade the cabinets in your smaller kitchen.

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