Is It Time For A New Kitchen Cabinetry? 3 Signs It Is

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Kitchen cabinets are exposed to different elements like water, heat, and steam, all of which could be damaging. Over time, your cabinets could start to show signs of wearing out and aging. Although you can repair, repaint, or restore your cabinets, sometimes the best option is to replace them. Here are three indicators it is time to get new cabinetry.

Water Damage and Mold

After years of water splashing on your cabinets, the wood will absorb the water and eventually swell and warp. The swelling will make it hard to operate the cabinets. 

Water damage can also cause mold to grow on the cabinets. When mold growth is detected early, you can consider an easy solution like cleaning out the mold. However, if it goes unnoticed, it can significantly compromise the cabinets and pose a health threat. Thus, the best solution will be installing new cabinetry.

Worn Out Cabinet Carcass

How strong is the carcass of your cabinetry? A weak cabinet skeleton makes it hard to drill additional holes if you need them. It also makes it challenging to mount new hinges. Therefore, your cabinets may not be steady enough to support the structural changes if you need to replace other structures around like countertops.

Repairs could be expensive and unsuccessful when the cabinet carcass is worn out. The best option will be to reinstall new cabinetry for your kitchen. An easy test to see if the cabinet skeleton is weak is pushing the cabinets at the sides. It is a red flag if the cabinets move easily or feel extremely soft.

Poor Design and Bad Layout

Are you constantly struggling with additional space in your cabinets? Your cabinetry should be functional and effective to provide enough extra space for your storage needs. Therefore, if they are poorly designed or don't provide as much space as you need, consider installing new cabinetry.

Additionally, if your cabinets are inconveniently placed, consider installing new ones. Your kitchen is an important room, and it needs to have a layout that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Replacing your kitchen cabinets can help you achieve these requirements.

Other than age, different signs indicate it is time to install new cabinetry. While repairs could cut it for a while, if they become too frequent, it is time to consider a cabinet makeover. Get in touch with the best remodeling contractors to help with the makeover. For more information, contact a company such as NoDrip Painting & Remodeling.

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