Ways To Make Your Custom Cabinets Unique

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People often choose custom kitchen cabinets so they can have the cabinets specifically sized to fit their space. Sometimes they choose this option so they can pick a certain color for their cabinets. These are certainly good reasons to go with custom cabinets. However, if you're already going custom, you might as well really make those cabinets stand out! Here are some ideas for more unique custom cabinets.

Glass doors

Including glass doors on a few of your cabinets gives you the option of showcasing certain items inside of those cabinets. Maybe you have a nice china set you'd like to display, or perhaps you have nice wine glasses to show off. A few glass doors on the cabinets can also make your kitchen feel more open, making this a good choice in smaller kitchens.

Tooled corbels

Corbels are the raised projections sometimes placed at the corners of cabinets. They're mainly used for decoration, so they are not automatically included with custom cabinets, in most cases. But if your cabinet maker is able to include them, you may want to ask for them. Especially if they are tooled with a nice design, they can really draw the eye towards your cabinets and add texture to your space.


You may want to have some built-in hooks included on the insides of some of your cabinet doors. This gives you a convenient, out-of-the-way place to hang things like measuring spoons, measuring cups, and maybe even some mugs. The cabinet maker will need to recess the shelves in cabinets that have hooks on the doors so that the items on your hooks don't bump into the shelves. So, including hooks does limit shelf space. You may therefore only want hooks in a few key cabinets.

Sheet pan cabinet

You could ask your cabinet maker to include one narrow, tall cabinet in the lower section. This cabinet can be sized to accommodate your sheet pans or cookie sheets. You can slide them in and out, which makes it easier to access them than if you were to stack them. You can have this cabinet made wider or narrower, depending on the number of sheet pans you're trying to accommodate.

There are plenty of ways to make cabinets more unique. The ideas above are just starting points. Talk to your cabinet maker to see if they have some more suggestions based on your own needs.

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