Bathroom Blunders: How To Prepare For And Survive A Bathroom Remodel Without Any Mishaps

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Planning a bathroom remodel is a little bit different than remodeling other areas of the home, especially if you only have one bathroom to depend on. However, even for families with more than one bathroom, having one bathroom out of commission for a few days can create hardships. Proper planning will help you avoid common bathroom blunders and have a successful remodel without additional stress.

Timing is important

Every family has certain times of the year when life is busier than others. For instance, planning a bathroom remodel during the summer when the kids are home from school and college may not be the best time. You should also avoid the weeks leading up to holidays when you may be entertaining more often or hosting out-of-town guests overnight.

Call a family meeting

Getting everyone in the family on the same page is important when you are remodeling a bathroom. For large families downsizing to just one bath, when you are used to two, can create chaos when everyone is trying to get ready for work or school at the same time. Get a schedule in place prior to the start date of your remodel and determine who needs to get up earlier to shower so your household can function with minimal disruptions.

Set up a temporary bathroom

If you only have one bathroom, a remodeling project can be difficult. Discuss options for adding a temporary bathroom in a basement or other area of the home for the duration of the project. If the project is expected to only take a few days, you may want to discuss staying with family and friends or reserving a hotel room for a few days.

Talk to your contractors

A bathroom remodel may require you to work with multiple contractors who are dealing with various suppliers. You may have an interior designer, electrician, and plumber all ordering various items necessary to complete the project. Discuss timelines with each one prior to starting your bathroom remodel to avoid delays in waiting for specific parts, decorating items, etc.

With the bathroom being the most necessary room in the home, embarking on a remodeling project can be a little tricky. However, learning how to navigate the changes and planning prior to the remodel will help keep things running smoothly throughout the remodeling process. The minor inconveniences will be worth it in the end when you get to enjoy your new bathroom.

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