Why You Should Surround Your Refrigerator With Cabinets

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If your refrigerator currently stands on its own in your kitchen, perhaps at the end of your counter, one option to explore is surrounding it with cabinets. There are several different ways to accomplish this goal, but you'll typically have cabinets across the top of the fridge, as well as on each side of the appliance. A kitchen remodeling contractor is a good professional to turn to if you want to proceed with this job — it's not something that the average homeowner can do for themselves. Here are some reasons that surrounding the refrigerator with cabinets can be a good idea.

More Storage Space

The biggest advantage of this kitchen remodeling project is that it will provide you with a lot more storage space in this part of your home. For many people, it's impossible to have too much storage space in the kitchen. If your cabinets are currently full to the point that you have trouble keeping them organized, you'll appreciate additional cabinets around the fridge. They'll allow you to reduce some of the volume in the other cabinets around the kitchen so that it's easier to find what you're looking for.

Tidier Look

A lot of people store certain food items on top of their fridges. For example, you might keep several bags of chips on top of the fridge because they're bulky and you don't really have another good place for them. Additionally, this location can be handy for keeping unhealthy snacks out of the reach of your children. Unfortunately, snacks piled on top of the fridge can create a messy look that may make you feel embarrassed when you have guests in your home. Cabinets that surround this appliance will block the top of the fridge, thus allowing you to get rid of this clutter by storing it elsewhere.

Visual Integration

This project can also help to integrate two important elements in your kitchen — the refrigerator and the cabinets. When the fridge sits on its own at the end of your counter, it can lack the integration with the cabinets that you'll find in many professionally designed kitchens. This can make this part of your kitchen look awkward, which can be frustrating when you take pride in the look of your home. Surrounding the fridge with cabinets can make an immediate difference in how your kitchen appears. Speak to a local kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss surrounding your refrigerator with kitchen cabinets.

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