A Guide To Buying Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood kitchen cabinets are wildly popular right now. As an industry, wood cabinets are trending upward, set to surpass $17 billion in market value within the next few years. There are several reasons why wood kitchen cabinets can be an asset to your household. Buying these cabinets requires you to learn a bit more about the material and the different design options you have to choose from. In this article, you will learn all about wood kitchen cabinets so you can start piecing together your next project.

What makes wood kitchen cabinets a great buy?

A set of wood kitchen cabinets is one of the most stunning upgrades you can make to any household. It adds plenty of character, quality, and charm to your kitchen, and provides a timeless look that can improve your property values.

Decorative benefits aside, wood kitchen cabinets are an excellent option because they are sturdy and built to last. You're getting professionally sourced lumber-built kitchen cabinets that won't crack or peel like others might. It's also a flexible material that can be customized however you need it to be.

What kind of presentation are you trying to create?

Professionals that specialize in wood kitchen cabinets can also assist you with whatever kind of presentation you're trying to create. For starters, you must choose the type of wood you're going to use to build the cabinets. There are several staple options, including maple, cherry, alder wood, and cedar. Learn as much as you can about the different wood types in order to choose. They come in all different colors, shades, grain patterns, and other characteristics, and also come with their own set of maintenance requirements. A professional shop will go through the entire project with you so that you feel comfortable with the work before moving forward.

How can you get a pro to put it all together?

After you've gotten consultations, you should have a good mixture of price quotes on your kitchen cabinet project. A set of custom kitchen cabinets will likely cost you $500 per linear foot and up. You can also get stock or semi-custom options for significantly less. Since you're spending a good amount of money on this cabinet installation, make sure to buy an original warranty for it. This can protect you from any spills, cracks, splinters, or other damages that the cabinets might sustain.

Start with the tips in this article so that you can start shopping for the wood kitchen cabinets that you need.

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