Why Go For Granite Countertop Installation While Remodeling Your Kitchen?

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Granite has a rich history of use as a building material in prestigious establishments including palaces and castles. The strength and beauty of this natural stone are undeniable. Each chunk of granite is unique, which opens up many possibilities for surface finishing. Granite has become very popular as a countertop material, as more people recognize its advantages. Here are some reasons to consider a granite countertop installation when remodeling your kitchen.  

Durability and Long Lifespan

Granite is a hard, durable material. It can withstand extreme cold or heat very well. These qualities make it very suitable for the kitchen countertop, where it can withstand very hot objects. You can place pots directly from the fire on a granite countertop without damaging it.

Granite is one of the hardest natural materials. It can withstand very high pressure without cracking. It does not warp or crack from constant temperature changes. It is easy to clean polished granite. Ask the kitchen remodeling contractor to apply a clear sealant to make it resistant to stains. 

Granite is highly impervious. It does not suffer moisture-related problems including corrosion and rusting. Fungi and mold find it hard to grow on granite, which makes it a big plus in a hot and humid kitchen.

Flexible Customization Options

You can have custom granite counter installation to fit your kitchen remodeling ideas. Granite offers different possibilities in cutting and finishing designs. It can fit different sizes and shapes as your new designs demand. The contractor can cut it on site with the proper tools.

Granite has a neutral hue on which you can apply different colors and patterns. You can also opt to leave it in its natural appearance, which presents interesting natural patterns. You can give it a contemporary look with a smooth glassy finish. Granite can take different colors to fit your interior décor theme. The good thing is that you sand off a color you don't like and apply another color without compromising the structural strength of the stone.

Great Value for Money

Granite's long lifespan gives value for money compared to artificial materials that do not have the same durability. It keeps value because it will remain unchanged over the years. It has comparable durability with more pricey natural quartz and soapstone options. Given its durability and affordable costs, granite becomes perhaps the most cost-effective countertop material.

Are you looking for stunning kitchen remodeling options? Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractor about granite countertop installation

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