Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Talk To Your Contractor About Before Beginning Renovations

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When you are ready to start renovating your kitchen, there are a lot of trendy design options to discuss with your contractor. When you are investing in a trendy remodeling design, you want solutions that add value to your home. The following kitchen remodeling design trends are things you want to discuss with your contractor before beginning renovations.

Fusing Modern Designs with Rustic Styles

You may like a rustic design's cozy feeling but want to have modern comforts in your kitchen renovations. Therefore, you may want to ask about some options to fuse modern and rustic designs together, including:

  • Add wood finishes to modern design features
  • Use modern cabinets to contrast with exposed timbers or reclaimed lumber
  • Use retrofitted light fixtures in your modern kitchen design

The fusing of the modern and rustic design will give you practical features for your lifestyle and the rustic look you want.

Using the Right Colors to Create Contrast

There may also be different colors that you want to add to the design of your kitchen. The right color combination can highlight design features with contrast. Options to create the contrasting colors for the design in your kitchen include:

  • Paint cabinet faces with bright colors
  • Use darker cabinetry to contrast white or lighter-colored paints
  • Install polished hardware and fixtures to contrast darker finishes

The right color contrast in your kitchen design can brighten up space and highlight some of the important design features.

Installing Style Stone Solid Surfaces for Countertops

Another trend in the kitchen design that is stylish and long-lasting is using solid surfaces for countertops. Options for solid surface countertops in your new kitchen design include:

  • Granite, marble, and other stone materials for natural surfaces
  • Designs that offer options for custom countertop colors
  • Concrete countertops that offer options for custom finishes

The kitchen countertops can be natural stone materials, or you may want to use artificial materials like concrete and resins. The artificial materials will be less expensive and easier to replace if you ever need to.

Open Shelving with Kitchen Organization Solutions

There are also solutions for organizing your kitchen that you may want to discuss with your contractor. If you are doing an open-concept design, you can preserve this look using open shelving and cabinet units. Solutions that you want to discuss for the organization in your kitchen include:

  • Plate organizing racks
  • Hanging racks for glasses
  • Hooks to hang loose kitchenware

The open shelving in your kitchen can be a great way to add organization and displays for decorations or kitchenware like good china.

The different options will give your home a trendy style and a practical kitchen design. Contact a kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss some of these options when renovating your kitchen.

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