6 Fresh Ideas For Countertops

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Putting in new countertops is a chance to give a kitchen a fresh feel. Countertop installation options have proliferated in recent years and there are plenty of ways to wow visitors to your house. Here are 6 ideas you should consider.

Thick Slab

The idea here is to forgo traditional thin countertops in favor of ones that are several inches thick. Instead of dealing with precise countertop fabrication, you get a sturdy slab that will provide many years of service. Weight is an obvious concern and it's wise to focus on engineering support for the countertop before it is installed.

Nothing but Countertop

Why have a countertop at all? If you're a fan of more traditional materials but want to give your kitchen a modern look, you can do something like granite fabrication with sufficient supports and no cabinets underneath. This approach is great if you would like to create a spot for sitting because it lets you use the freed up space as legroom.

Contrasting Countertops

This works best if your kitchen has different zones, such as typical counters along with a cooking space and an island. Rather than using the same materials, colors, and patterns for every zone, you can create a contrast by doing a granite installation on the island and something else for the prep area, for example.

A Cantilevered Design

Rather than having a small lip or none at all, you might want to go the opposite direction. If you have the necessary space, this makes it easier for you to pull up a chair or a stool to sit at the counter. The ledges may stick out anywhere from several inches to a foot.

Matte Finish

Glossiness is always a matter of personal taste, with some folks preferring the look because it feels well-maintained and sophisticated. You can stand out from the crowd, though, by going with a completely matte finish. This can also be a practical choice if you have a kitchen that catches a lot of sunlight at any time of the day.

Wraparound Countertops

Although islands are popular, the reality is they can eat up a lot of space. One simple solution is to run countertops the whole way around the entire kitchen, freeing up the middle of the room. This is an excellent choice if you're dealing with a small space and need all the maneuvering room you can get.

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