Think Your Master Bathroom Has Oversized Shells For Bathing And Showering: Get More Space With These Changes Today

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If your master bathroom seems so small but you think there is a lot of wasted space with premade shower and tub shells, you want to talk to a remodeling expert about making changes. If you have oversizes pieces in the space that could be changed, you may be able to get a lot more standing space, and more room to shower and bathe. Here are some considerations to make.

Get a Bigger Tub

If your tub has a lot of wasted space around it, and it was put in with a vinyl shell, you want to search for a new model. If there is a lot of area around the tub to display décor or for a large step, this is all wasted space. Find a shell that will maximize the amount of the space you have that could actually be soaking space. You can even look into getting a tub with hot tub features like jets or a seat inside.

Tile the Shower for More Space

The shell of your shower may also be taking up a lot of space. If there is a thick ledge to step into the shower, along with seats for you to sit and punched out ledges to set containers, this is a lot of space that could be used for showering.

Have a tile professional look at the area, to see if they could remove the shell, tile the floors and walls, and then have built-in storage areas that go into the walls. This would give you a few inches on each side, making the shower feel much bigger.

Get Thinner Cabinets and Go Up

If you have large cabinets in the bathroom with a lot of wasted space, shorter cabinets that aren't as deep could help the bathroom feel a lot more spacious. Look at designs with cabinetry units that are only 18 inches deep, or shorter, instead of 21 inches or 24 inches.

These three or more inches will change the feel of the space, and you may want to get cabinets that go up and separate mirrors or sinks if you are worried about losing storage.

The remodeling contractor should be able to give you some ideas on how to change the space and get more room. These changes should not only help make the master bathroom more enjoyable, but also add value to the house after you invest the money.

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