The Benefits Of Wholesale, Pre-Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

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Remodeling your kitchen? Are you wondering what kind of cabinets to get and where to get them? Maybe you are thinking about having the cabinets custom built right on your property. Since custom-built cabinets made of hardwood can be rather expensive, you'll need to decide whether or not that is a good idea for you. It all depends on how much effort you want to put into your kitchen remodel. However, you should know that ready-to-assemble and pre-assembled cabinets function just as well as custom-built ones, and they look just as nice. Here are a few other benefits about pre-assembled cabinets (like wholesale G series cabinets) that you should know. 

Fastest Way to a Fully Functional Kitchen

Initially, when you strip everything out of your kitchen to start the remodeling, you have no functional kitchen for days. You might have to eat a lot of take-out, and you will want to avoid walking through the kitchen for anything as much as possible. Everything you would normally have in the kitchen, right on down to plates and cups and appliances, is shoved out into some other room until your contractor's crew can redo the floors, walls, and possibly the lighting and plumbing. Then there is still the matter of installing the cabinetry, because nothing can go back into the kitchen until your cabinetry design is done and your cabinets are installed. If you go with custom cabinets, it will be several more weeks before you can have your kitchen back because of how long this process will take. With pre-assembled cabinets, your kitchen can be mostly functional in a day or two, making them a much faster choice.

Extremely Affordable

People can pay up to twenty thousand dollars for custom hardwood cabinetry. That is one very big reason why kitchen remodeling can be so expensive. If you opt for pre-assembled cabinets, you can save up to seventeen thousand dollars just on cabinetry! Imagine getting all of the cabinets you want in the places you want to put them for only three to five grand. Compared to the price of custom cabinets, that is extremely affordable.

If the Cabinets Are Ever Damaged by Water, You Will Not Feel Horrible for Replacing Them

Floods happen. Kitchen plumbing goes wrong. Dishwashers installed under countertops encounter issues with their hidden hoses that cause massive amounts of water to soak cabinets and floors. When water damage presents itself to your cabinets, and the cabinets are beyond saving, you will not feel the pocketbook pain quite so much when you have to replace these damaged pre-assembled cabinets as you would if you had to replace hardwood custom cabinets. 

If you're interested in finding out more about your options for pre-assembled cabinets, contact a company like DL Cabinetry - Orlando today in order to learn more.

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