4 Cabinet Design Tricks To Keep An Open Plan Kitchen Beautiful

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Do you have an open plan kitchen and dining or family area? The open plan concept has become more and more popular in recent years because it makes the entire home feel larger and encourages everyone to be able to be together as family or friends.

But an open plan kitchen can cause some design challenges when it comes to cabinet choices. To help you ensure you end up with an open kitchen that you love, keep these few tips in mind.

Make It Harmonize. When using a single, open space, the individual rooms can't be thought of as separate design areas. They should blend together in style, architecture, and color schemes. For cabinetry, this includes ensuring that the cabinet fronts in the adjoining room share a theme or certain design elements as the kitchen cabinets. Look for complementary color palettes as well.

Boost Storage. If your kitchen becomes cluttered or messy, an open plan means this will be seen from the other public areas of the home. The solution to any potential unsightliness is to create more space to put everything in its home, out of view of the rest of the house. While most homeowners would agree that you can never have too much storage, this is more important when you want to hide items from public view. 

Customize It.  Look for customized cabinet designs that fit your particular cooking or baking style and tools. What small appliances do you like to have handy on the counter? Can you create small "garage" style cabinets to hide them? Do you have a lot of large pots for cooking for big groups? Expand base cabinets with deeper and taller storage. Like to bake? Organize your cookie sheets or cutting boards with vertical dividers in a tall, narrow cabinet.

Remove Unnecessary Items. Kitchens often become the catch-all of the home. But when you plan to open the space to visitors and to constant attention, try to reduce the amount of unnecessary items done or stored in the kitchen. Make use of a laundry room with cabinets and counter tops to become the "catch-all" area. Designate a home office or area in the family room for charging stations, homework, or working on the family's bills. And add cabinets to other rooms to increase storage options that don't involve the kitchen. 

Your new open plan kitchen will surely brighten up and liven up your home. And by following these four tips, it will become one of your favorite spaces in your house. Check out kitchen cabinet services for more information.

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