Undoing the Damage of Bad Water in Your Bathtub

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How much time have you spent scrubbing the calcium, lime, and rust stains out of your bathtub? When you're done scrubbing your bathtub, can you tell that you've just dedicated an hour of your life to scrubbing it? If your water is causing your bathtub to look tired and worn, the entire bathroom will begin to feel dirty and unwelcoming. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you get your bathtub looking great and keep it looking that way.

Consider an Upgrade

How many years has your bathtub been exposed to the harsh cleaning products required to remove the calcium, lime, and rust stains? Constantly scrubbing the tub with those harsh cleaning products may have caused the sealing finish to deteriorate. When this coating deteriorates, there's nothing stopping the contaminants from staining the fiberglass tub.

If the sealant is gone, it's time to think about either having the bathtub refinished or replacing it altogether. If you do nothing, your battle with the buildup will continue to worsen and your victories will fall short.

When the tub is refinished, there will be a little bit of a mess made, but it's nothing compared to what it would take to completely replace the tub. In the end, it'll look as if you've replaced the tub, but you won't have to pay as much, nor will you have as big of a project to deal with.

Preventing Future Stains

Well, you're going to have to do something about all of the contaminants in the water if you want to prevent the stains from reappearing again. If you don't have the budget to install a whole-house water treatment system, look into the direct line water treatment systems. These are small units that tie directly into the plumbing leading to a plumbing fixture—like your shower and bath faucet.

This unit is hidden under a cabinet or in a wall, but you will need access to it to change filter cartridges from time to time. Make sure to look for a filtration system that's made to remove all of the contaminants in your water. If you're unsure of what contaminants are present, take a sample of water with you to your home improvement store. They'll test it and suggest the right treatment systems for your water.

Call a company like Tub Solutions Inc to get your bathtub refinished today. Once you undo the damage that years of bad water have done to your tub, you can soak in a clean, inviting tub to undo the damage that a hectic day can do to your body and soul.

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