Are You Creating An Elegant Entry Way?

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Are you building a brand new house or are you remodeling the existing entry way to your present house? Either way, if you are wanting to establish a formal and elegant feeling to that part of your home, from selecting a custom front door and beautiful windows to selecting the furniture for your entry way, here are some ideas that might help you.

The Front Door And The Windows - Are you wanting a contemporary elegant look or a traditional one? If you want to have a more modern look for your front door, consider selecting black or slate gray for the color of your front door. Pewter hardware of a very simple design would more than likely be your best choice for a contemporary look, and it would complement the gray or black paint you selected.

For something more traditional, consider selecting a dark brown front door that has intricate carving as the focal point of the door. For example, for traditional elegance, you might select floral carving. Consider selecting fancy brass hardware, which will be perfect against the dark wood. Local door and window services can help you make the perfect custom door for your tastes. 

Have you considered Tiffany glass for the narrow windows on each side of your front door? Whether you've chosen a contemporary elegant look or a more traditional one, you will more than likely find the perfect pattern for your Tiffany glass windows. While they might be more costly than regular windows, the fact that they will be very unique might make that purchase one you'll be glad you made for years to come. 

Custom services can special order any specific sizes you need, too. For example, if the window opening is not a typical one, the window installation service can customize the Tiffany windows or any other windows you select for your entry way.

The Furniture - If you have decided on a contemporary look, consider buying a metal entry table. Another choice for a contemporary look would be to have a black table with a glass top. If there is enough room for chairs, consider selecting upholstery that complements your front door. For example, if you went with a black or gray door, think of selecting a pattern that includes that color, but with the addition of a bright color like turquoise or red that will add pizzaz to the design. If you have chosen traditional elegance, think of selecting a brown wooden table that will complement your front door. Choose formal upholstery, perhaps with a floral design or with bold stripes of different colors as the design. 


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