When You Should Opt for Understated Kitchen Cabinets

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When choosing custom babinetry during the early stages of a renovation project, you may want something with some pizzazz. Wooden cabinets with ornate trim, stainless steel cabinets with a shiny finish, or cabinets with windows can all be appealing for different reasons—and can all augment the look of your kitchen for your family and those who visit your home. It's important, however, to choose cabinet fronts that aren't too overwhelming. The wrong cabinets might appear busy or even make your kitchen feel smaller. It's often a good idea to go with understated kitchen cabinets—namely, those with flat fronts. Here are some times to make this choice.

When You Have a Lively Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes can vary significantly in appearance. Some people favor plain backsplashes such as those made of white tiles, while others look for livelier tiles. If you're planning a lively backsplash for your kitchen, you don't want equally lively cabinet doors to compete—and end up feeling overwhelming whenever you walk into this space. You might want the backsplash to be the start, and that's perfectly fine. If so, just be sure that the cabinet doors you choose can settle into the background.

When Your Kitchen Is Small

Understated elements are often a good idea when you have a small kitchen. The more things there are that catch your attention, the more you may find that the space seems confined. Even a moderately sized kitchen can feel smaller and more cramped than it actually is when certain things look busy, and this is the case with fancy cabinets. When you choose cabinet doors that are on the simple, understated side, they won't give the feeling that the kitchen is smaller than it actually is.

When You Want the Decorations to Be the Focus

For many people, the kitchen is a room to decorate just as much as other areas of the home. Whether you're planning framed art on the walls or antique cooking products hanging or sitting on shelves, you might visualize a space that is heavily decorated. Taking this approach can work, but you'll generally want to go with understated kitchen cabinets and even an understated countertop. Bold cabinet doors can quickly compete with the decorations that you're choosing, and can combine to simply feel overwhelming when you step into the kitchen. Talk to your remodeling contractor about your desire for understated cabinets and see what he or she can offer.

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