The Perks Of Stone Bathtubs

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If you have some money to invest in your home, the bathroom is always a great place to begin. Bathroom remodels seem to give you a greater return on your investment for a number reasons. First of all, the bathroom is a very important and highly scrutinized room when it comes to the valuation of the property.  Also, bathroom remodels are usually more affordable, if only because you have to use less materials. Of course, not all bathroom remodels are going to be cost effective and practical. This article explains one upscale bath remodel that homeowners should consider. Investing in stone bathtubs can add class, style, and value to your bathrooms.

Add Cohesion to Your Bathroom

The best thing about stone bathtubs is that they can make your entire room look more cohesive. Stone bathtubs look the best when you use the exact same tile that you have on your floor. You can even have that same tile on your bathroom countertops. This cohesive look is extremely desirable, and will give your bathroom a distinct style. This is a very smart upgrade, especially if you currently have a precast fiberglass bathtub or shower basin.

The seamless transition between your tile floor and your bathtub not only looks great, but it is extremely functional. Custom stone bathtubs are also great for handicap shower basins. Without a threshold, you can easily access your bathtub, even if you are confined to a wheelchair. These are highly desirable for homeowners who are elderly or handicapped.

Using the Right Stone

It is important to realize that not all stone products are going to be suitable for a bathroom environment. Some stones are more porous than others. This means that they are more susceptible to mold, soap-scum buildup, and general water damage. Just about every stone product will need to be sealed if it is going to be used in the moist environment of a bathtub. Because of this, you should consider investing in a stone product with a glazed, waterproof finish. Otherwise, you will need to refinish your bathtub floor once every year or two.

No matter how you look at it, a stone bathtub is a very smart investment. Whether you are updating your bathtub due to structural issues, or if you just want to give the room a fresh new style, you should look at stone products. It gives you a chance to custom design your bathtub to match with the rest of the room and the rest of the home. For more information, contact a company like JC James Remodeling.

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