You've Got A Basement Bar — But What Comes Next?

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If you've recently bought a home that has a bar in the basement, you might be anxiously anticipating get-togethers with friends in their environment. However, if the area around your bar is a little lacking, you might also be concerned about how friends react upon entering the space. While a fresh coat of paint and some decorations on the walls can help to bring your basement bar area to life, there may be some additional steps that are needed — and that you can't perform yourself. A remodeling contractor can be the perfect ingredient to help you mix up your dream basement bar. Here are some things that he or she can add:

A Sink

A bar area is lacking if it's not equipped with a sink. While pouring bottles of beer doesn't require access to running water, you'll commonly want a sink if you plan on being an amateur mixologist. For example, you'll need to wash your hands before and after you slice a lemon or muddle some mint, and it's also convenient to have running water so that you can quickly wash glasses and other items as needed. Remodel experts will install a countertop behind the bar, as well as the sink itself, and connect the water line and drain pipe to bring functionality to the basement bar area.

A Mirror

The area behind a bar is commonly equipped with a mirror, which can add a friendly and familiar atmosphere. Additionally, when you stack all of your beverage bottles in front of the mirror, the reflection makes it seem as though there are even more bottles, which can look appealing. While the average homeowner can commonly hang a mirror, a bar mirror is a job for a professional. That's because bar mirrors are generally large and thus extremely heavy, meaning that they'll need to be attached to the wall studs for security.


Another addition that can help to make your basement bar area come to life is some cabinets and/or shelving. Open shelves are ideal for displaying beer and wine glasses, for example, while you may want enclosed cabinets for other items, such as napkins, cleaning towels, and other such items. Ideally, you'll be able to find cabinets that match the overall look of the bar; if not, you may wish to have your remodeling contractor refinish the bar for you to give it the appearance that you want.

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