Remodeling Suggestions For A Small Living Room When You Want It To Be Larger

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If you love your home but you're tired of your small living room, then it may be time to talk to a remodeling contractor about your options. While bathrooms and kitchens are popular rooms to remodel, the living room is important to update too if the room seems cramped and dark. Here are some changes that will give you more room or make it seem like the room is larger.

Knock Down A Wall

The obvious way to make your living room bigger is to remove a wall between it and an adjoining room. Removing the wall next to a kitchen could be an ideal choice since that will also make your kitchen much bigger. Another option is to remove a wall next to a spare bedroom. The extra space could make a big difference in how your living room looks and feels as long as you don't clutter the new space with furniture and accessories. The fewer things you have in a room, the larger it seems to be.

Bring In More Natural Light

A bright room seems larger. In addition to choosing paint and flooring that reflects light and makes the space seem larger, you can consider having the windows in the room enlarged. Adding a big picture window or a bay window will let in more light and the view to the outside will make the small room seem larger. You might also consider having a skylight installed so light can stream in all day. A patio door is another good option if your living room faces the rear of the house. A patio door offers a wall of glass for optimal natural lighting and when you open the door to a patio, you'll have additional seating space for guests when you need it.

Add The Best Lighting

When you have your living room remodeled, don't forget about adding the lights. You may want your contractor to add recessed lighting or ceiling lights. Recessed lights can make the room seem larger and brighter by illuminating an entire wall. Hanging ceiling lights provide a visual effect that can make a room seem larger since the lights are higher in the room rather than being on a low table.

Use Glass And Mirrors

Mirrors reflect natural and artificial light so the room seems brighter. They can also visually double the size of a room when an entire wall is covered in mirrors. Glass might be a good option for some of your shelves or table tops in the room since glass is invisible and doesn't block visual space. Your remodeling contractor may be able to supply an interior decorator or you may want to hire one yourself once the remodeling is complete. By using a few design tricks with color, patterns, and placement of furniture, a professional can help you make the most of your new space even if it is smaller than you like.

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