Are You Partially Blind? Get Kitchen Remodeling To Better Accommodate Your Needs

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Being a homeowner is advantageous because you can make changes to your home, which is a huge benefit when you have a health complication such as partial blindness. For instance, you may not feel comfortable walking up and down stairs in an apartment complex, so you may have made it a priority to buy a single-story home where you can walk everywhere confidently.

If you love cooking and spending time in the kitchen, you may want to make it better suited to your needs. The original owners may have designed the kitchen with their needs in mind. Hiring a kitchen remodeling company will allow you to work on projects to help with your blindness.

Smart Appliances

An excellent feature to add is smart appliances. If you are partially blind, you will likely have an easier time reading things up close compared to far away. By adding smart appliances, you can use your smartphone as a way to access things such as your oven and dishwasher.

Instead of having to manually check if the dishwasher is running low on rinsing agent, you can look at your phone and gather this data. Some models can even reorder detergent automatically. These features minimize the need to rely on your vision to handle tasks in the kitchen.


Not having precise vision means that you may not always be accurate when moving things around. For instance, a heavy pot or pan might collide with a cabinet on occasion. So, you should make sure your kitchen does not have any glass that could sustain noticeable damage. Some common features that have glass include windowed cabinets or the kitchen backsplash.

Switching to standard cabinet doors will prevent glass breakage. You can even take it a step further by investing in hardwood to protect the cabinet doors from dents and dings over time.


An easy way to get around the kitchen is through touch. When you run your hands along the countertop edge, you will not feel the kitchen sink frame if it is a drop-in model. Switching to a farmhouse sink will help you find where the sink is by just feeling around the countertop edge.

Getting a free-standing range over a wall oven will make sure that you have two cooking functionalities in one place. As soon as you touch the edge of the stovetop, you know that the oven will be directly underneath so that you can accurately angle where your hands should be.

Making these improvements will minimize the negative impact of partial blindness in the kitchen. For more help, contact a company like Ground to Gable.

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