Remodeling Your Bathroom On A Limited Time Frame? 3 Quick Projects To Consider

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Remodeling your bathroom can make the space feel entirely different, making it one of the best rooms to focus on if you're moving and want to be able to sell your home for more money. If you're working on remodeling a bathroom in a short time frame due to moving or potentially the arrival of a new family member, the following projects can all be great ideas.

Considering the impact that the following projects can make can help you determine whether or not they would be a good fit for your home and budget.

Replace the Hardware

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a bathroom is to replace the hardware throughout. Not only does this include the knobs and pulls on the cabinets and shelves, but also the fixtures themselves. For example, the sink faucet can be replaced so that it matches things like the door knobs and other features in the bathroom.

Having cohesive hardware throughout the space can help to make the bathroom look much better without spending a lot of money.

Get a New Mirror Installed

If your bathroom is like most bathrooms, you likely have a large mirror installed somewhere. In order to make a big Improvement in your bathroom, consider replacing the mirror since it's likely going to be one of the main focal points in the room. If you can't afford to replace the mirror or the current one is still in a good condition, it can be a good idea to have a new frame installed around the mirror instead.

Replacing the frame can offer you the ability to change the look of the bathroom considerably without spending a lot of money. You may even choose to paint the frame yourself to cut costs.

Install a New Shower Head

Along with replacing the hardware in the bathroom, it's a good idea to look into ways that you can improve the bathroom so that it's more enjoyable to use as well. A new shower head can take only minutes to install and can affect your daily showers drastically. New shower heads can have plenty of adjustable features allowing you to have a more personalized showering experience.

As you look into remodeling your bathroom, you'll start to see that there are a number of projects that you can undertake that will allow you to make over the space even when working with a limited time frame.

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