Remodeling Your Kitchen On A Budget Can Be Done! Work With Your Kitchen Instead Of Against It

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Whether you spend a lot of time in an ugly kitchen or want to remodel your kitchen to sell your home, a kitchen remodel can be an expensive proposition. Moving appliances and knocking out walls can run the cost of a remodel into the tens of thousands of dollars. So how do you remodel your kitchen to make it more attractive, more spacious and more useful to the cook while also staying within a narrow budget? The key is to work with your kitchen to accentuate its good features and hiring an experienced kitchen designer that will stay within your budget, along with gathering all the necessary materials ahead of time at below-retail prices.

Consider Alternatives To Changing The Layout Of Your Kitchen And Instead Work With Your Existing Fixtures

The most expensive part of a kitchen remodel is redoing plumbing and wiring caused by removing walls and counters or moving the location of appliances in your kitchen. Changing the wiring or plumbing pipe fixtures will require you to hire an experienced plumber or electrician, which can easily blow your budget. In order to save money, it's best to work with the existing layout of your kitchen.

There are many great ways to make a kitchen appear more spacious without making extreme changes. One is to remove cabinet doors or remove the upper cabinets entirely and replace them with open shelving. Even though this reduces cabinet space, this immediately makes a kitchen appear less enclosed. Another inexpensive way to make your kitchen seem more spacious is to install extra lighting in the kitchen space; a bright kitchen is an open kitchen! Under-cabinet lighting and range lighting are both inexpensive and easy to install and make a huge difference in the light level of your kitchen.

Hire A Qualified Kitchen Remodel Design Expert To Avoid Costly Mistakes

Although it may seem counter-intuitive if you are trying to stay on-budget, hiring an expert kitchen designer is a very good idea. The reason for this is that there are a number of things that can go wrong when you attempt to remodel your kitchen on your own; your all-new appliances may draw too much amperage from the breaker, stone counter-tops you install may be sealed incorrectly, cabinet doors you purchase may not be sized properly, etc. Remodeling a kitchen is a job with many variables that benefits greatly from expert knowledge. Your designer will work within the allotted budget of your kitchen remodel; if you go it alone, you may easily overshoot your budget by wasting materials or incorrectly installing kitchen fixtures.

Save Money By Stockpiling Material And Appliances Ahead Of Time

Once you've had your kitchen designed, you'll want to have everything available for contractors to install ahead of time. By stretching this period out and shopping at overstock appliance stores or visiting stone counter-top companies to purchase correctly-sized remnant cut stone, you can save a huge amount of money on your budget kitchen remodel. You will not be forced to pay retail prices for these items – and these are the largest costs in any kitchen remodel that doesn't involve major structural changes to the kitchen. You can lease a self-storage unit to store these items before you hire the contractors to perform your remodel.

Contact a kitchen remodeling expert for more information and assistance. 

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