Cleaning Your Vinyl Siding: How To Tackle The Insurmountable Task

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Your vinyl siding as of late is looking quite dingy. If you have never cleaned the siding on your house before, you might be staring at it and wondering how and where to start. Since there are not too many concerns with what you use to clean the siding, here is how you can tackle the seemingly insurmountable task:

Working at the...House Wash?

The old manual car wash approach is always an option. You get out a bucket of sudsy water, several rags, and your water socks or aqua shoes and start scrubbing. It helps to wipe the slats of the siding from one end to the other, first with a sudsy rag, and then with a clean water rag. Of course, this method will take you all day and require a large ladder or scaffolding to reach way up high.


No one said you had to do manual labor in order to make the exterior of your house perfectly clean. Power washing is quite effective, and you can choose to mix in a professional cleaning agent or not. No ladders or scaffolding is required, and you will be done in about the same time it takes to walk the dog. That beats the four or more hours it would take to hand-wash every slat.

Pre-Rain Pre-Wash

If you would rather let Mother Nature wash the house (i.e., rain), you can use a pre-rain pre-wash agent. This stuff sprays onto the exterior of your house and sticks to the slats until it rains. If you know that it is going to rain that very day, then the pre-wash agent is an especially easy way to get your house clean with very little effort. As the rain pours down, it loosens the pre-wash agent, which has stuck to the slats of the vinyl siding. The pre-wash agent, along with the dirt that is stuck to it, washes free and falls to the ground.

Hire Someone Else to Do It

If you want to take the ultra-laid-back path, hire someone else to clean your vinyl siding. The professionals do this all day, every day, weather permitting. In most cases, you do not have to be at home either! The pros show up, do a courtesy knock on your front door, and then begin the task of cleaning your home's exterior. They will bill you later if you are not home to greet them at the door for payment.

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